To operate on land and at sea OLPA has the following vehicles and equipment:


  • Wire-camera with automatic georeferencing system of GIS;
  • Web-GIS mapping portal for the advanced management of thematic maps associated with the data;
  • ROV Colibri type, operating range 0-200 meters depth;
  • Multiparametric probe for sea water field analysis (temperature, oxygen, pH, conductivity, redox, turbidity, chlorophyll “a”);
  • Van-Veen grab and manual core sampler for sediments;
  • Water and biota sampling systems (Niskin bottle, WP2 net, diving equipment, etc.);
  • Rubber boat for inland waters;
  • Cabin boat for coastal marine monitoring with outboard;
  • Digital cameras and underwater video cameras;
  • UAV Dji Phantom III 4K;
  • GPS devices;

 The above instruments are adaptable to any vessel.