En Route to a Bluer Sea

The goal of the partnership between Costa Crociere Foundation and OLPA is to promote the protection and enhancement of marine and coastal environment as a resource of biodiversity and tourism leverage. Raising the awareness of the public in problems related to waste at sea we intend to take an action in recovering waste from the sea bed and from beaches aiming to keep the focus on the problem itself and ensure the conservation of the Ligurian coastline. In this way we aim to achieve a “good environmental status” (GES) acting in accordance with the EU Framework Directive “Marine strategy” for the preservation of ecological diversity, the vitality of clean seas and oceans while maintaining the use of the marine environment to a sustainable level, safeguarding its potential for current and future generations.

The activities are divided into two phases with specific and integrated actions:

I.  Monitoring and cleaning activities on beaches and seabeds take place in spring and summer; those actions see the participation of local government, citizens, local associations, operators of small fishing trails, diving center and tourists.

II. During the year OLPA works with secondary school classes providing educational courses that address issues related to marine environment and waste. Kids and teachers are engaged in monitoring actions of the territory, waste origin investigations and redaction of final papers.

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