Started the second year of the project "route to a Sea bluer"

Olpa and Costa Crociere Foundation continues the activities to protect the environment even in winter

Watch the interview of Telenord Winter activity route to a Sea bluer 

The project route to a Sea bluer designed and conducted by the Observatory Ligure fisheries and environment, and funded by Costa Crociere Foundation, resumes business in schools with a second round of meetings in 10 schools in the province of Savona and Genoa.


Pupils are involved in classroom and field aimed to analyze various environmental indicators.


At the end of the year the boys will make a judgment on the State of environmental quality of the coast of the Ligurian Sea.

The schools for the school year 2016-2017 are secondary 3 (liceo scientifico di Albenga and Savona and Genoa Institute) and secondary grade 7 (Pietra Ligure, Noli, Albissola Marina, Cogoleto, Palakkad, Lavagna and Sestri Levante). As last year, at the end of the course students will meet in late May to the Savona Palacrociere 2017 to meet up and compare the processed products.

Always on the theme of scientific communication and education, the biologists Ligurian Fishing and environment Observatory took part this week in two seminars organized by AIESEC in partnership with Costa Crociere Foundation at the universities of Milan and Naples titled "EduChange learning cycle". The topics that were discussed during the seminars will be linked to the objectives of sustainable development with particular reference to the sea.


If you want to know more about the project route to a Sea bluer and the activity of last year click here 

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